Best Burmese Foods in Myanmar

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As tourism in Myanmar grows, so is the popularity of Burmese food. From delicious curries to their many amazing salads, Burmese food was something that thoroughly surprised me. So without further ado, let’s head straight for the good stuff.



Burmese cooking prioritizes a balance of sweet and sour, salty and spicy, and good mohinga fits this profile—it’s made with river catfish, fermented vermicelli noodles, banana tree stalk, boiled vegetables, onions, and turmeric, which gives it a muddy orange tint. Chickpea fritters, lime, eggs, shallots, and chili are optional, but even without the extra spice, the dish aspires to its nickname: “burn throat, burn tongue.” Flavors vary based on where it’s made—“country style” mohinga emphasizes fish, garlic, and pepper, while mohinga in the cities features ginger and lemongrass, and peppers cooked in sizzling oil.


Ohn No Khao Swè

If Mohinga is titled as the national dish of Burma, then ohn-no khao swè – Coconut Chicken noodles – will be the most famous Burmese dish. This is a wonderfully subtle, lightly curried dish, but comforting and flavoursome without whacking you in the face. You can adjust the seasoning to taste – adding more fish sauce, squeezing more lime or sprinkling more chilli at the table.


Tea Leaf Salad (Laphet-Thoke)

Hands down, out of all the Burmese food that I’ve tried, this is my favorite. It’s a delicious tangy mix of tea leaves, shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, crunchy deep-fried beans, nuts, and peas, mixed together with some peanut oil, chili, and lime. It is absolutely delicious and a must try. Some people eat it as a salad while some eat it with rice. Either way, it’s delicious.


Shan-Style Rice (Nga Htamin)

This fish rice dish is their version of fried rice and is a mix of various herbs and spices. The rice itself is cooked with turmeric and fresh fish. Often served with sides of garlic, leek roots, and deep fried pork rinds to add crunch and flavor. Although it doesn’t sound as appetizing when described, it’s actually delicious.


Nangyi Thoke

This dry noodle dish is essentially a noodle salad topped with chicken, fish cake, and bean sprouts. They often top this with egg and is tossed with a turmeric and chili oil dressing. The chili oil adds a nice kick to it and is reminiscent of Indonesia’s Mie Goreng.


Burmese Biryani

Similar to the Indian Biryani’s this dish is deliciously cooked in turmeric, saffron, with hints of coconut milk. Chicken biryani is the most popular kind that is served and is a pretty good meal when you get tired of the rich curries and soups.



Due to its location, you will find lots of Indian, and even Chinese influence in Burmese food. Dishes such as Chinese fried noodles, and sides of chapati and dhal soup are very common. While in general, it isn’t the most exciting type of cuisine in the world, it isn’t bad either. If you’re heading to Myanmar, my suggestion is eat locally, sample everything and anything you can.




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