Exploring the Temples in Bagan, Myanmar – Part 2

5 Reasons Why Bagan (Myanmar) Should Be on your Bucket List​

5. Sulamani Temple

The Sulamani temple is stunning, mainly due to its many vaulted openings that filter the light and illuminate the inside with an orange glow. Walking through its gateway, you will feel like you are entering a whole new and secret world–full of Bagan’s finest ornamental work and moldings.


6. Thatbyinnyu Temple

At 201 feet high, Thatbyinnyu temple towers above all other monuments on the plains of Bagan. Although you can’t climb all the way up the temple anymore due to an earthquake making the structure unstable, you can still get great panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes from its terraces. As well as its height, the temple is also famous for its incredibly neat brickwork that a knife blade can’t pass through.


7. Thambula Temple

Thambula temple is one that is very beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Set on a plinth among beautiful landscapes, the first thing you will see is the delicate and elegant architecture of the single story temple. Once inside, you can appreciate the Chinese influence on the Buddha sculptures and admire the painted murals that cover the inner walls.


How to Explore the Temples of Bagan

The more time you spend in Bagan, making use of all forms of transport can be the best way to explore the plains. To get around this massive area, your choices are as follows.


Hire a Bike – this is by far the cheapest (and best) way to get around the plains and it gives you the most freedom! You can hire bikes from almost every hotel, shop and restaurant around this area.


Trishaw/Small Pick-ups – although another cheap option trishaws can only be used for short distances in towns and you’ll find pick-ups on the main roads only.


Horse and Cart – a fun and potentially romantic way to explore the temples, however, you are limited to the areas you can go as horses need to follow well-trodden tracks. Ideal for those who want a local guide to take them to the best spots.


Taxi – you can hire a taxi all day if you want to get around fast and comfortably.


Hot Air Balloon – obviously the most unique and adventurous way to see the temples, head to the skies in a hot air balloon!


Quick Tips to Remember when Exploring Bagan:

Whilst exploring the sacred temples in Bagan, it is important to remember to:

▪ Carry your Bagan Archaeological Zone Pass with you.

▪ Cover your shoulders and knees – these are holy sites so be respectful. It’s always handy to carry a light scarf with you!

▪ Be respectful –  locals often come to these temples to pray, so observe silence and experience the solemness of these temples.


With its endless monuments, there are numerous ways to get around and see the temples and stupas that you want to see the most. Among all the temple runs, just remember to take some time and witness that breathtaking Bagan sunrise. It is not to be missed!


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