Handsome Bungalows Nestled in Beautifully Manicured Gardens on the Edge of New Bagan

Handsome Bungalows Nestled in Beautifully Manicured Gardens on the Edge of New Bagan

The Bagan Lodge is an oasis amongst the ancient temples in Myanmar’s magnificent city, Bagan. Located 700 km north of Yangon, Bagan is home to the most concentrated collection of ancient Buddhist ruins in the world. After a hot and dusty day of visiting a large selection of pagodas and temples still remaining, this property, on the outskirts of the archaeological zone, allows the visitor to recharge and process the abundance of historic structures they have no doubt spent the day exploring.



Villas & Suites


The lodge was designed by French designer Brigitte Dumont de Chassart and key to the design is the central pool, around which everything radiates. The bar, restaurant and lobby are open-air and overlook the luxurious water feature.


The 82 Villa Rooms may look a little bland from the outside but step inside and you’ll be blown away by the smart interiors. The large and comfortable beds have traditional wicker headboards that match with the wicker trunks at the end of the bed and wicker wardrobes in the corners of the room. The rooms have a sitting area with an armchair in one corner and a desk and table in the other, with ample room for large suitcases. Doors at the back of the room, on either side of the bed lead into some of the largest bathrooms in Bagan that feature double sinks and a bath in the centre with separate toilet and shower cubicles on either end. Half of the villa rooms are interconnecting, which means a family of four can comfortably rent two together – with open doors between the two rooms.


There are also four brand new two-bedroom Suites, with a very large living room, at the hotel. The suites share an additional pool, which is set in the middle of them.




You’ll be spoiled for choice in this posh resort. Tiffin Box, the main open-air restaurant, serves a variety of cuisines — from Burmese to Thai to Western. Aside from that, there’s The Lobby Lounge Bar, which is located near the resort’s entrance. It’s great for a quick cup of coffee or tea. And finally, you have The Pool Bar, which is perfect for grabbing a Happy Hour cocktail in between pool or Jacuzzi sessions.




Not to be missed is the hotel's spa, with a variety of treatments and all staff have been fully trained in Thai massage. Natural elements have been incorporated into all experiences and elixirs stimulate the five senses. Experience a tamarind body scrub and Myanmar massage, you’ll be rejuvenated in no time!



The Bagan Lodge is a welcome addition to Myanmar, a country having difficulty keeping up with the demand for luxe rooms and posh amenities. The friendly staff make a point of ensuring you feel welcome; remembering personal details is something that I always appreciate. The unique design and personalized service of the Bagan Lodge will make your stay at the edge of one of the most important archeological sites in Southeast Asia an unforgettable experience.


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