Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want These

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Although Myanmar has made massive leaps in development, it currently doesn’t have the infrastructure to support the influx of tourists that it is getting. So to those that are unsure about travelling here, these are reasons why not to visit Myanmar to show you why it’s worth the trip!


Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Enjoy The Simple Life

The city isn’t as modern as its neighboring countries but this doesn’t hinder life though and the Burmese people simply get on with it. If a digital detox is a deal breaker for you, then don’t visit Myanmar. On the other hand, if you want to experience a simple life with the locals and live in the moment, this is your chance.


Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Learn About an Amazing Culture

The culture in Myanmar is the source of all of its charm, therefore learning about it and experiencing it is a must while you’re there. As the Burmese people believe strongly in spiritualism and religion, the country is full of sacred temples, pagodas and old monuments waiting to be admired. One of the most eye-opening experiences into Burmese culture is listening to the prayers of the monks in the morning and appreciating the breathtaking views of Myanmar at sunset.


Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Meet the Friendliest Locals

The Burmese people have a reputation for being incredibly friendly; they are hospitable, always willing to help, and have this genuine interest in tourists. If you don’t want to get to know amazing people then don’t go to Myanmar. If you do, then prepare yourself for a lot of questions, fascinated facial expressions. You’ll definitely find yourself just as interested and curious about the Burmese people as they are with you.


Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to See Stunning Scenery Everyday

The staggering amount of temples and their remarkable architecture make up the majority of Myanmar’s landscapes. In Bagan, the sunrise and the sunset displays a show like no other. You have to get up at least once for the sunrise to see the hot air balloons. The view is mesmerising and it will stay with you for your whole life. There are a few places to see the sunrise, but they are crowded with tourists so I recommend just venturing into the wild until you will find a good spot for incredible photos.


Don’t Visit Myanmar If You Don’t Want to Eat Delicious Local Food

Although the cuisine in Thailand and Vietnam completely over shadow a lot of other Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar does have a few tricks up it’s sleeve when it comes to food. The most popular dish you will see everywhere is Mohinga. This rice noodle fish soup is served all day everyday, and is delicious with any meat you can think of.


It may be slightly more difficult to navigate your way around the country, but the adventures, people, food and experiences make it all worth it definitely.


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